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Landscape Trimming

Bushes and Hedges

(Additional to Lawn Care)

We only Trim for our "Year Round Clients Only".  

      Trimming and Landscape clean-ups are an additional cost.  We do not quote bushes or clean-ups over the phone.  We quote one week and perform the service in the next scheduled week.  We will bill you out seperately on that day of the service.  Some trimming and clean-ups are pre-paid.  Our trimming services includes: shrubs, hedges, small trees, small palm trees, topiary shrubs and small to medium trees that are shaped like mushroom caps.  Any left over debris is mulched up then baged and left by the curb for your regular natural debris disposal service to pick up.  We also spread new mulch in your landscape beds.  We love to do this in the winter for extra work when it is slower. 

 Mulch, Deliver, Installation  Min. one Pallet
price quoted
 Sprinkler Head Repair starting @ 15
 Small Palm (under 6 ft)  starting @ $15  
 Large Palm (over 10 ft)  starting @ $30  
 Small Tree (under 6 ft)  starting @$30  
 Large Tree (over 10 ft)  starting @$60  
 Hedge & Bush Trimming  starting @ $60  
 Landscape Clean-up  starting @ $120  


A Beautiful Lawn Dosen't Happen by Itself